Transplanting a young tree

I may have to transplant my Double Delight nectarine. It was a bare root planting from last spring. It barely put out any growth, maybe 5 to 8 inches (it is on Nemagard). It is probably not in the best location as it is next to large bamboo that could shade it when it starts producing fruit.

It has not broken dormancy yet except for a tiny little leaf bud that was on the rootstock, that I pinched out yesterday. When I transplant, should I remove all the dirt or try and preserve as much of the dirt and rootball as possible?


At this point, I would try to take up as large a root ball as you can manage. Even though it hasn’t broken dormancy, you’ve had some significant root growth going on. Don’t be surprised if you sacrifice fruit this season, in this late a move. But, certainly, a better and sunnier location would be worthwhile in the long run, I think.

Not sure where you are, but up here the frost is out of the ground so its a perfect time for transplanting. Just get as much as you possibly can of the roots. Water everything well when done. You should be good. I’d pass on any fruit his year. Let the tree grow some, put down some new roots.

Make sure you keep the roots wet and they don’t dry out. The tiny hair like fibers are what actually pick up nutrients and I’ve heard they are killed in as little as 2 minutes of being dried out.

I’ve so far dug up and potted over 7 trees in the last few days. I knew the day was coming and the space was going to be temp so I put each tree in a knit mesh in-ground bag from RootMaker. It made harvesting and transplanting to (again temp) their new home a 7 gallon soft side container. For a few of them they were still frozen solid in the ground for about 6 inches out of the 10 the bag allowed, but that was nothing that a garden hose couldn’t take care of. I did however wash off all the dirt that came with them due to #1 it was mostly clay, and #2 it was going in 5-1-1 mix.

To all those that worry when they see a tree come from a nursery with hacked roots… I have proof not to worry. These trees all came that way and took off (root wise) like gang busters. The root systems were very impressive.

Thanks, the new growth that was put on last year was so small that I’d be shocked if it did fruit this year anyways.

Thanks everyone for the tips on transplanting. I will definitely try and keep the roots wet during the move. Thankfully the tree is small and the move is only about 30 feet.

Wax, brown and I are in San Diego county. No frozen ground for us :slight_smile: If we want to bareroot move, we usually do it in the winter, when the tree is dormant. We’re a little late for that here, now. So, as much dirt as you can move, to spare those tender feeder roots that are very active, now for us.