Tree id please

As I am cleaning up more of my property this summer I found this tree growing. I don’t really recognize it. It has small fruit on it, I am hoping I can top work it.

Looks like Sugarberry tree. Beautiful tree. Birds eat the fruits, but almost no flesh to them. Therefore useless as fruit for humans. Nothing worthwhile fruit-wise can be grafted on top, to my knowledge. After several decades, the trees get HUGE.

I believe you have nailed it. I googled some pics. Also the odd note about elephant skin , I noticed where the branches fork from the main trunk the bark as u described it. Thanks, shame it can’t be top worked.

Great job Matt. I googled it too, and I too think you got it. At first I thought I’d never heard of it, but after seeing it’s also called Hackberry, I can say at least that I’ve heard of it. I cannot ever remember one, in the woods or from my childhood. I’ve probably been around one many times at some point and just never knew it.
Good job dude!