Tree Identification


A friend of mine is wondering exactly what type of tree this is (general type). I figured the collective wisdom of the forum would be better than my non-expert advice.


wild plum?


In stead of starting new tree Indentification thread which already has several short ones in this forum, I just pick this thread and post my question here. Hope Paul will not mind.
I have this little trees pop up everywhere in my yard. Some established ones, I cut them down to the ground level every year and they grow more shoots later. I have looked around the neighborhood and didn’t see such mature tree flowering/bearing seeds etc. It’s a very resilient tree/bush and I am wondering what it is and how it spreads.


When you say little trees, vigorously growing back, etc… etc… and given you are like one shopping trip from me, I want to say buckthorn.


Pictures of tree, bark and flatten leaves if you can manage. Initially I want to say linden but leaves don’t look like a match.


Thanks, I think you nailed it. I looked up the buckthorn on internet and the leafs do match the Buckthorn’s leafs in my picture.
Here is the pictures of stem and flat leafs


Buckthorn is officially designated as invasive in illinois. Kill it - burn it, spray it, chop it. Whatever works.

The reason they keep popping up is that the seeds have an unusually high germination rate for a tree-borne seed. I find buckthorn harder to deal with then garlic mustard when established. The roots can be like wild grape vines, winding under log piles, and often deeper than one would think. I much rather have chokecherries than buckthorn.


I have another tree that I would appreciate you guys to identify for me. It has extra little leafs. I thought it is a kind of fruit tree, but I could be wrong.


Looks to be an apple
The " extra little leafs " being stipules


Thank you. I don’t have any apple trees. I will let it grow and maybe use it as a root stock.