Tree issues, diseases, or nothing to worry about?

My persimmon tree has little dark spots around the base of the trunk and in some sections where the laterals connect to the trunk. Anything to worry about?

Also one of my plums has 2 roundish looking sections, about 2 inches wide, at the base. I asked about crown gall about a month ago regarding a bare root Asian Pear, and now I’m taking a hard look at this plum. It has had those round parts of the base as long as I can remember, even when it was purchased when it was in a container (5 years ago). The tree appears to be growing fine, in fact each year it puts out a lot of new branch growth. Thanks!

The persimmon may just be sap leaking around pruning cuts or ?? I’m not sure at all about that.

The bottom picture looks like early stage CG. But It’s too soon to be sure. If it is that swelling will get bigger and crack open more. There’s nothing you can do for that tree. I’ve moved away from Citation because it is very susceptible. Haven’t found anything I could buy that’s resistant but think that Lovell and Krymsk 1 are at least better than Citation so that’s where I’ve gone. So far Citation trees still perform well in terms of fruit size and brix. I just don’t want to push my luck.

Thanks. I’ll monitor the size of the swollen areas. They haven’t gotten much larger over the past few years.

Should I just wait it out to see what happens or would it be beneficial for the other trees in that area to pull it out? There are 4 other fruit trees planted in a hedge row next to it.

If that plum has had that swollen area for yrs without much change it’s not CG. Even if it is there will be no benefit from digging it out or just killing it. That won’t remove the bacteria from the soil.

Thanks, that was what I was hoping would be the answer.