Tree Pruning Help (N. County San Diego)

I’ve planted quite a few fruit trees on my property… probably about 50-60. All different types from apples, to stone fruits to pears. I would like to have someone who is knowledgable come over and show me how to properly prune these trees so I could hopefully do it myself in the future. Also have some questions about spraying. I would pay the individual of course. Any suggestions would be super helpful. Thank you!

You don’t need to pay anyone. Furthermore I won’t trust many people who would come to do it for pay. Not that there aren’t professionals that you could hire. But many probably won’t have much experience with fruit trees.

I think you’d do better by joining the CA Rare Fruit Growers. They are strong in that area. You could easily find people who would help you for free. You’d learn a lot in the experience and make new fruit friends.


Agree with Fruitnut here. CRFG is great and Youtube has a wealth of resources – both good and bad of course. Dave Wilson Nursery videos for what some now consider an older style of pruning. Skillcult does great videos. I’ll also throw in one from my favorite local nurseryman below. It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think (and it turns into some nice time in the orchard).

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