Tree Rat Control

Tree rats ate all my pears. Now they are eating all my tomatoes . They seem to know their way around and avoid my traps. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Can anyone help with a suggestion. What works for you? I am in west Georgia

There were many suggestions in this Tree Rat thread started in March. The problem is widespread. You might find some of the solutions offered there helpful.

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Thank you very much. I found the thread helpful. Tried several of the suggestions and some worked. But there are yet more rats.

Multipronged offensive/defensive effort required.
Firearms/air rifle, etc.
Kania squirrel traps.
Big Bucket 'o Death.

And, while some have called it into question, and actually may have proven it to be ineffective, peanut butter/plaster-of-Paris bonbons have worked for me in the past - with regard to stopping pilfering of pecan/hickory/walnut seednuts and acorns from nursery beds/pots… distribution of the ‘bonbons’ resulted in immediate cessation of depredation - but I never saw a dead tree rat.