Tree spacing

I have a few different types of trees I want to plant along the side of my house to grow as shrubs. I want to maximize space while still allowing for a decent size shrub. I spaced what I have currently 8ft apart, but was unsure if I should shoot for more like around 10ft? The three trees are pomegranates and one Che. I plan to add figs next to them.


Fig trees around here get really big and would overwhelm that space.

Do you mean these plants will be regularly pruned or sheared to keep them smaller than normal?

Yes I dont want them to become too large.

I would start with plants that do not want to become too large to begin with.

Growing fruits can be extremely rewarding but it can be an extreme pain in the arse, with many things fighting you. If you know you want something (small footprint), take the action that is conductive to that end (dwarf trees/bushes) and save your energy for all the other fights.

…either that or try espalier.