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I ordered some trees from Trees and shrubs depot in georgia.I heard they were affilated with tyty.The trees were live and ok except 1 plum.Are these trees gonna be the variety they say they were? I got a nikitas gift persimmon and tamopan persimmon.They are persimmons they sent but are they the right variety?

I’m sure no one can really answer your question. Even the best nurseries get it wrong sometimes. In fact the retail point often isn’t the nursery where the plant is initially grown, so they are taking their supplier at their word as well.

The bad news is you lose a year if it’s wrong, at least for fruit trees, as whatever warranty the nursery covers won’t get you a replacement until the next year.

As far as Tyty, others can chime in. I’ve bought from them over the years. This year, unfortunately, I ordered 5 Japanese plum whips and 1 cherry tree. Three of the 5 whips didn’t bud out. The cherry is well on its way to dying with the only foliage now dried and gone. I’ve cut it back to good wood but it’s a stump now.

I’m sure many if not most on here have received the wrong variety plant before…the wrong color flower is probably most common.

It’s frustrating but it’s just the way it is. It’s a chance we all take if we buy from a place we can’t pick up/view the plants directly.

Great news. Tamopan is a distinctive looking variety, so at least it should be obvious once it starts fruiting. Although you may not have to wait that long if you can determine that the leaves are virginiana instead od kaki, or something else obvious like that.

So you think shrubs and trees depot didnt grow it but bought it from somone else? If so thats a little better.I just put alot of money and time in these trees and will probaly be waiting 4 more years before they fruit.ahhh.TyTy got me too.They are 2 sticks struggling to live with 3 or 4 leaves in bad shape.Thank you for the response

Yes murky it is very distugeniable.Putting alot in them.Will be around 3 or 4 years b4 i find out though.Thanks for the help

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I’m not familiar with tree and shrub depot so I don’t know.

I would say that most nurseries get their fruit trees from the same group of regional growers for the area. Bare root trees usually get handled by the retail nursery for a short period of time after receipt from the grower before dormant shipping.

Fruit trees in soil (potted) may be at the retail nursery for the whole season or be sold the next year, so perhaps they can tell better what they are selling, though if it doesn’t fruit there they may still miss on the variety.

I they are fulfilled by TyTy or an affiliate, I would not count on them at all. If I had extra space, and time, I would consider them an experiment. If they turn out to be true to label, and grow, or make something good, then bonus.

I can confirm that Trees and Shrubs Depot (TSD) is a TyTy company.

Just like TyTy they sent me the wrong plants and i called and they asked me to email pics. The guy that i talked to was the same guy that i talked to at TyTy.

728 South Main Street
Ashburn, Georgia 31714


Ty Ty Plant Nursery, LLC
4723 US Hwy. 82 West
Ty Ty, GA 31795


Distance between both is 25 miles if you want to plug those into any online maps.

They are also Prepper Gardens

Physical location:
1909 US HWY 82 W STE 9 #235 Tifton, GA 31794

Which is a UPS Store…and their mail box.

Dont buy anything from Georgia anywhere within driving distance of TyTy Georgia…they have an Empire of Fraud down there.


I don’ buy fruit trees. I grew my peaches from seed as well as my sour cherries. I also have a seed grown persimmon. My Meiwa kumquat and Fukushu kumquats are from seed.