Trees Grow in Brooklyn

My Trees of Antiquities order arrived last night, soaked em overnight and just got done planting, very pleased with both caliper and rootmass.

Flavor King on the Left, O’Henry Peach on Right

O’Henry Planted

Flavor King Planted

Have another 8 trees coming in the next few weeks, exciting times.


Roots look great

Good looking trees!

Fun fact: The tree in that poem refers to tree of heaven (Alianthus), everyone’s (least) favorite invasive tree.

My neighbors have at least 3 or so Alianthus growing that I do battle with. Their seedlings are a yearly thorn in my side, heavy mulch helps but is not the cure-all, two are slowly dying, the other 2 are slowly splitting bricks between two garages… :astonished:

Very happy with Trees of Antiquities, S&H almost killed the purchase, but their well regarded reputation on here cinched it for me and couldn’t be more happier. I have trees arriving from Raintree, Wafler and Peaceful Valley in the coming weeks.

Yeah they look great and good pruning. i wish i could add more trees. I’m adding one this year.

Another big tree box came today from Waflers Nursey in upper NY…

Left to Right Burgundy, Radiance and Black Pearl series cherries

Raised beds with an eye towards future Bird and Rain Prevention

Nice! I picked that one up too.

And your setup looks very clean and efficient. Well done.


I’m planting Blackpearl this spring too.

In the future, we can compare notes.

Loring came in last night from Peaceful Valley, Almost 1" caliper and healthy roots