Tremlett's cider apple: UK vs. US version, experience in northeast; scionwood?

I’m interested to hear from folks especially in the US northeast who have grown (or pressed and fermented) Tremlett’s Bitter cider apple.

This variety caught Holly’s eye for high Malic acid content in the charts here:

Fedco’s writeup says the variety that’s common here in the US is not the original UK Tremlett’s but is nonetheless a decent cider apple. They had it this year as a tree on M111, but strangely not as a scion, and I didn’t see it on the tables today at the scion exchange. We’re generally looking for tannin rather than acid, but if folks have particularly good things to say about Tremlett’s I might try it if someone has scion. I have a bunch of cider varieties in the fridge (incl. Golden R, Roxbury R, Spitzenberg, Ashmead, Calville, Dabinet, Bramtot, Yarlington, Medaille d’Or, Wickson, Kingston, Michelin) and would be happy to trade - thanks!