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I have shared a few posts helping with propagating rootstock. I have googled, instagrammed and search here for the best suggestions. I tried mount layering this year (didn’t get a chance to put and saw dust to encourage root growth) but snipping the trunk of a rootstock to ground level shot up a large new shoot and 2 small 1. This upcoming year I have a rootstock that I have grown out 2 seasons. I’m looking to layer it in a trench. Not sure exactly what time of year that should be buried (before frost or before growing season) if anybody has any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Pictures he’ll even more as I’m a visual learner. Wish I had grafting/propagating courses in my area! TYIA

Better to wait until spring. You only need to bend those fresh shoots over to touch the ground and stake them down level with the ground. Then cover them with your rooting medium such as wood chips, etc
Below is a pic of a layered mulberry. The empty jug is sitting where I planted the rootstock, then as you look at this pic imagine bending its trunk all way down to the ground towards the left from where jug sits. You can see how I mulched upward as each bud grew. Now each of these is about 2’ tall.
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Finally a good picture to go off of. Thank you very much for this. So Spring wait untill the buds pop or do it before that?

Hi Frank,
Better to do it when buds are swelling in the early spring. The initial covering should be even with the laid down tree so that all buds get sunlight (not covered) then a few weeks later as they grow vertical start adding more medium until you have about 10-12” of mulch covering each shoot’s roots. Water them weekly

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So you suggest not digging a trench and burying but lay it vertical, stake it to the ground and as the bud grow vertically eventually mound them? The rootstock I want to try has a few branches on it. Would that be an issue? I can attach a photo

Send me a pic so I fully understand how big and supple your new shoots are!
Btw I think you meant to say: lay it horizontal!

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No sorry I meant it as the new shoots grow vertical, the rootstock lay horizontal. The thicker rootstock on the left I plan to plant in the ground then bend horizontal.

Ok I now understand that it’s potted!
So when you plant it in the ground, plant it at a 30 degree angle so that it’s easier to get all limbs as close to the ground as possible.

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What do you use to stake the branches down?

Looking forward to propagating my own rootstock! Hoping to be able to get at least 10 a year from my own stock!

When burying the rootstock, does the entire stock go underground or the way you do it you simply just lay the tree on the ground and as it grows up you layer with saw dust etc.?