Trichloroisocyanuric acid as fungicide

Does anyone here use Trichloroisocyanuric acid, a pool disinformation agent on the fruit trees to control/prevent fungi, bacteria infections? I recently read that this chemical is used in orchard in China for effective and wide( both bacteria and fungi, virus) diseases control. I used it to replace regular bleach to disinfect scions, which worked well.
I read a forum thread here that was talking about spraying bleach on the tree to control diseases. I am not sure the bleach in that discussion is the same chemical I am talking about or not. Trichloroisocyanuric acid has bleaching function but is more effective than the regular bleach we buy from stores. I’d ask the forum experts first to see if anyone has Dos /Don’ts before I spray Trichloroisocyanuric acid on my trees.

I will not use a product for fungicide unless it is labeled for it.

Richard, would you elaborate the reasoning please. This product is used in our drinking water safely, I deduce it’s safe on the tree with proper chemical % that does not burn the leaves

It is illegal to use products for disease control not labeled for the trees being sprayed under US law, to my knowledge. This includes organic options, like milk or kaolin clay.

Really, Sounds so ridiculous. not you, you just share what you know.
Here goes guilt group of gardeners /orchards who read internet and apply all the remedies, such as baking soda, vinegar, veggie oil, dish soap, buttermilk, coke,alcohol, enzyme… in the garden/trees. Maybe we should prosecute those who wrote book about the home remedies. They are the source of the crime.

I understand and agree with your sentiment, however the law is the law. Some may choose to ignore it.

Generally speaking, I would think that these laws would apply to farmers selling produce, not for home growers who eat their own fruits.

I would also think it is probably a good idea to have a second look at that legal code, and make sure you are interpreting it correctly. I know it is illegal to use a pesticide in a way that does not comply with its label, but using a drinking water disinfectant or other antiseptics (hydrogen peroxide comes to my mind) that are used on humans as a fruit tree fungicide could very well be out of scope of the pesticide use law.


By legal definition, pesticides are a substance that kills a pest. Simple as that.

Is this a legal expert opinion? :blush: That sounds to me like a dictionary definition.

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Do you drive the speed limit?

I doubt if I can think of anyone that doesn’t break some rule or other.
Some gamble more than others, of course.


I’m not saying that all laws are just, nor that I agree with the ones discussed in this thread. I’m just trying to answer the question being asked,

Based on my understanding, this is a big DON’T from a legal standpoint.

From a ‘Does it work?’ standpoint, I bet it probably works fine, especially with known success in other agriculture societies.

You’re right.

But so am I…I can’t name anyone I am acquainted that hasn’t broken some rule or other.

Read it yourself.


Hydrogen Peroxide is an approved fungicide (Oxidate, Zerotol etc.) with varying degree of effectiveness when used as fungicide/bactericide. I am currently using it as experimental dormant treatment for Peach Leaf Curl. When used at low to mid recommended rate I haven’t seen foliage toxicity in vegetable crops, but in case of PLC I don’t have to worry about foliage toxicity.

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