Trip to Edible Landscaping

Today I decided to drive all the way to Afton, Virginia to see the Edible Landscaping nursery. The place is beautiful, even though their selection wasn’t that big, I end up buying an Indian Free peach and a couple Violette de Bordeaux figs.


I have 3 tabs on my browser open right now on varieties they carry and are hard to come by elsewhere. waiting for them to get one in stock and hoping the others don’t sell out so I can put in an order for everything to keep the shipping down. One day I would love to make the trip, maybe for their fall persimmon festival. its 3 hours at least 1 way for me so we would need to make a long weekend of it. thanks for sharing your pictures of the trip!


Thank you, the entire area is beautiful. The Blue Ridge Mountains, lots of wineries, breweries and civil war battle cites. They did have a lot of blueberry, papaws, and persimmon varieties.