Triple crown BB sun requirements?

A quick question on growing Triple Crown Blackberry. I have a location that only receives about 5 hours of direct sunlight per day in the summer months, and far less in the winter. Although there is plenty of light reflection off a lighter color stucco. So it’s still pretty bright.

How much sunlight will I need for these to fruit?

Second question, this location is in a spot where there is not a lot of airflow and can get VERY hot in the summer months, how does TC do with extreme heat (No humidity, at all)?

Do you grow other caneberry varieties in this same location, or will TC be the only one?

TC is one of the most susceptible varieties to UV damage (white drupelets) and although
this is most apparent in direct sunlight, there is some UV damage on north-facing fruit.
My north-facing TC fruit that is shaded has never had a problem with sizing up and ripening.

Black-ripe TC at 100 degrees can partially “bake” and turn purplish, but I have only seen that in direct sun.

Tripple Crown is a later ripening blackberry.

The SWD fruit fly may be a problem.

You might consider the newer Ponca or even Caddo… for earlier ripening varieties.

Good Luck


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I have lots of wild blackberries that produce good crops in locations where they get half day sun… morning sun locations they seem to do a bit better… but they still do well in evening sun locations too.

If it gets very hot where you are morning sun would probably be best.


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This is the only one.
I do have another location that gets less intense heat, but it’s pretty far from the house and I worry about squirrels eating my fruit without thorns on the canes to keep them at bay.

I have considered trying the two below for early ripening blackberries that have very good reports on flavor, brix, etc…

I hear that Tripple Crown are very good berries, I asked about them a month or so ago (for a late crop berry) and was informed about the SWD issue.

I saw SWD here at my place in TN, at the end of July, first of August, as the last of my Ilinni berries were ripening. My Ilinni start ripeining Mid June… but if we get a few good rains they will continue into early August.

I think the TC ripen mostly late July, August… which for me is exactly when the SWD showed up.

Good Luck !


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PS… I have lots of squirrels, and have never seen one eating my blackberries. My Ilinni are thorned though… I have some Ouachita that will first crop this year, my first thornless blackberries… guess I will find out if the squirrels bother them here in a few months.


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I have TC in full sun, but I’m in coastal CA (San Jose). The temps do reach >100F in July and Aug and I do see some spoiled fruit but not a huge issue. If you are inland, it may be better to plant it in part-sun as it’s late ripening

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The million dollar question…lol

Yeah, we are 20 miles NE of San Jose, (Livermore) so certainly get more heat. Any squirrel issues in SJ?

Thanks for the articles btw!

Of course :slight_smile: My garden is only 2 years old so the activity will increase soon. There is a creek behind our home so I’m expecting more squirrel pressure than a typical city lot.

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Good point. Oii!

Heavy squirrel pressure up here in Portland, but caneberry fruit is the one thing the squirrels have never bothered. They do chew on protocane sprouts, thorny or not, so I keep hardware cloth barriers around the clumps of canes.

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That’s good to know. They don’t bother with my Washington Navel oranges either for some reason.