Tropic Snow peach in Florida


Here’s my tropic snow peach…If I remember correctly, I planted it sometime early last year.

We had a really mild winter this year, and this was the first of all my trees to blossom and then fruit. You can see from the pictures that it set pretty heavily. I’m sure a bunch of these will self-abort and I’ll thin it pretty good as well…might get lucky this year an get a few peaches.


Time for some thinning!


For sure!


I really like the taste of Tropic Snow. It does bloom early but seems to take the slightly freezing temperatures without damage. Last year it was easy to find the trees for sale locally. This year everyone is carrying Tropic Beauty instead. It has always set well, even in cool temperatures.


That’s good to know.


Looks like the tropic snow is going to be a winner…


Checking on my tree the other day saw about 6 or 8 fruits on the ground…didn’t really look like they had been eater, maybe a mark or two, but they were just laying there…definitely not squirrels, wondering if its the birds?