Tropic snow peach on Nemegard stock

I’m pretty new to grafting fruit trees but it looks like this Artic Snow peach w/t graft I set on 3/4 from a friend’s scions is doing okay so far. I’ve gradually trimmed away the rootstock foliage and plan on putting it in a larger container for this year if all continues well. I’ve reapplied parafilm around the graft and today tied it with a little nylon cord as some extra insurance against wind and possible bird landings. Any advice anymore experienced grafter can share would be appreciated.


Better hope you don’t go to or below 5 degrees in zone 7. Nemagaurd is not very hardy temp wise.

I have seen people planting with Nema in zone 5 with some success. Though, if at all possible, I personally avoid it.

Our low temp this past winter was 20oF. Relatively mild for 7b, I know, but I’m hoping as if grows larger it will become more hardy. I don’t plan on putting it in ground until spring '23. This rootstock was all that was available when the scions arrived.