was retrieving and posting some evidence that i once was-- and still is-- a tropical animal. And just as sicilians say you can take them away from sicily but you can never take away the sicily from them, it is the same for tropical denizens

as of this writing, our good forum caters mainly to folks in temperate regions, but figured would be nice to invite more people from totally different usda zones, or even outside that of usda categories, since the usda probably doesn’t even have an accurate picture of equatorial tropics

we can resume talking about hedychiums here @Luisport :slight_smile:

photo below–there’s a house in there somewhere. Incidentally, verbena is one heck of a cosmopolitan species, reigning supreme in hot and humid as it does in hot and dry, and will survive 17F winters. Was amazed to see it here in vegas
night-blooming nymphaeas and papyrus p21 carabao grass, anahaw palm, caimito, mango, sugarcane,star fruit, plumerias and various aroidsplains my favorite elephant ears and ferns, and mutts puppies%20a-romping miss my heliconia psittacorum variety sassy. The only tropical inflorescence that has both pink and orange in one package sasssy%20 v1 v20 plumeria treeview w11 heliconia rostrata w13 w14below, gardenias and tropical-hardy rose(two more cosmopolitan species that can grow outdoors in both manila and las vegas, although gardenias in vegas have to be grown on the north side of one’s house and close to the house 2x 4x 10x creeping ferns and tropical canines bonita%20poch%20apri variegated cannas amidst yam vines and ferns canna also miss my fragrant blue nymphaeas(day-blooming)lotus3-31-01


WOW great idea! :+1:

I love gingers! In this moment they are a bit black but the good thing is they resprout on spring time!

would love to see more of them!

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My last two gingers… lets see if they survive our winter…Alpinia Zinziber Midnight and Zinziber Mioga Dancing Crane


Some tropical fruits from last year…
Buddha’s hand lemon, araça una, Australia bush cherry, fausterime finger lime and Inga vulpina… :grin:

The araça una is really good! They have fame to be more acid but mine are sweet. Very few and smaller seeds too. First time we try it… :yum:

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so you do have alpinias! Love the variegated one

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quite eye-catching, and am sure also quite tongue-tickling :wink:

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One of my tropical corners… :blush:

Tamarillo and banana trees


More tropicals from last year…

Pepino melon 550g


Still harvesting purple araças

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am having a bad case of tropical envy

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Yes i have some alpinias but not the one of my avatar… :grin:

LOL! Don’t be… i’m a tropical plant killer! :smirk:

can’t believe they don’t sell purpuratas in europe, considering you have all manner of hedychiums. Nicolaia’s are a must-have as well

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how much humidity do you have on your side of portugal?

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Very hot on summer months june to september, cold humid on winter november to march and temperate humid april to june.

do you have lychee or longans? Those might do well per your climate description

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Yes i have on pots… will plant on spring.

please keep me posted on that!

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I have it on my thread… but will post here too… :blush: