Trumpet vine Flava



How do you keep it under control?


I don’t its invasive. Constantly pulling new growth everywhere! Let the lawnmower take care of it in the lawn? Short weeds!


I planted one many years ago and spend many more years trying to grub it out.


Pretty though and brings tons of hummingbirds!


We have a red one that grows on our property. After the human race has long since perished, the earth is a baron wasteland, save all trumpet vines everywhere and a handful of cockroaches.


I managed to save myself a bunch of headaches on these. I plated one, the yellow with red throat (Athens) in an area it didn’t like. I actually have looked back at pictures of it almost yearly wondering if I should try again and get another.

Maybe not (I don’t have even 1/5th of the space yours is taking up MrsG.



I still think its pretty.


Oh, it is! If only it could be tamed!