Trying to Identify Apple

Hello, all! I was referred here from Reddit. I’m on the hunt for a specific apple that I tasted many years ago- a friend of my grandparents gave them a basket as a gift. I thought at the time that they were commercially available, but I can’t rule out that the friends grew them themselves.

My brother and I both remember the apple vividly as being red (or pink) fleshed and having a really interesting, spicy flavor. Texture is a big deal to both of us and I’m confident that if we both remember it positively it was a very crisp apple. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t fully green on the outside, but otherwise I really don’t remember.

It was the best apple either of us has ever had and we’ve been trying to figure it out ever since! All help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

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There are a lot of red/pink-fleshed apples, so it’s difficult for us to guess. Pink Pearl might be a reasonable place to start.


If you haven’t already, you might scan this thread for examples/inspiration.

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Good luck.
I’ve been looking for a
striped early apple for years that I recall from age 5 or 6 at my grandpa’s place.
As I got to my 'teens and ventured off on foot several miles from home sometimes…by then the tree had died. Have looked over all the heirloom online collections…have ordered scions of 6 or 8 cultivars that seemed like possible matches over the last 6 or 8 years. Still a mystery.

You may have better luck concerning a green skinned pink fleshed apple.
Surprise, Pink Pearl, Pink Parfait are possible solutions to your delimma.

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