Trying to overwinter peppers but they look sick

Not sure what is going on. Maybe I’m over or under watering, maybe it’s just not getting enough light, I’m kinda lost. The leaves look a little wilty and some seem to have a kind of crystal powder looking stuff on them (or mold?)

I’m totally lost, any chance someone could point me in the right direction?

Also here’s a lychee that seems to be doing poorly:

That crystal powder could be two things: edema or pepper powdery mildew. I am getting it every year on my indoor starters. Pepper powdery mildew lives inside of the leaf tissue. It can be killed by many fungicides, but the problem is, the leaf dies with the fungus as it is integrated in leaf tissues. So far only thing I found effective (to some extend) is weekly spraying HEALTHY peppers with Immunox starting at four leaves stage. The disease completely cured when they get out of the room into a greenhouse with a lot of sun.
Edema is not a parasitic disease, it is caused by lack of sun and too much water. Sun is also cure for it. So my internal jury still out what I have on my peppers every year, but I found a way to nurse them until they could be placed outside. Try to place your peppers on a sunny window. Spray with Immunox once a week. (Note, it will kill affected leaves, but will protect new ones.) Reduce watering. That my help you to nurse them through the winter.