Trying to salvage my Kieffer pear

We’ve had terrible weather the last couples days. Heavy thunderstorms and some gusty wind. Came home today and found my Kieffer snapped. This tree had some fruit on it, so I’m not sure if a critter bent it over to get the pears and it broke or the wind did it. Fruit was still on the tree so I’m leaning towards the wind, but who knows…

As disappointing as it is, figured I might as well make lemonade. The base looks healthy…there are even some sprouts coming off it. Had some leftover pear scions, orient and ayers. Took a stick of each, along with a piece of the keiffer and grafted them to the base…I know the likelihood these will take is pretty slim, but we’ll see…


I’m by far no expert. But I’m not sure I see a cambian connection.

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It looks a little late but for future reference I had an apple tree do this one day during a thunderstorm. I found it when I got home from work. I stood it back up and realized that the jagged break actually makes a perfectly fitting graft joint. I taped it tightly with black electric tape and it completely healed

hmm…in too much of a rush, I think you’re right…

yeah, too late for that…good to know for future reference…



Bark graft would work real well. Just cut down two inches and bark graft them while the scion still dormant.



appreciate the suggestion. I’m going to redo this tonight when I get home…

The original graft appears to be near the soil level. More than likely you will have a few dormant buds of the Kieffer pop out. If they do come out just select one to become your new tree.