Tulips source

I am looking to buy a lot of tulips, probably 10-12 different kinds at least 10 count of each as what was planted in my new yard by previous owners was completely destroyed by rabbits. I am going to plant them in fenced rose garden and may be some other already fenced areas. What would be a good online source for bulbs? I am currently looking at hollandbulbfarms.com and tulipworld.com. The tulipworld looks much cheaper, than the other one (if you count per bulb price). Any experience with them?

For retail, I like John Scheeper. You can also check Van Engelen bulbs, a sister company, for buying in bulk.


Already checked Van Engelen, my bulk and their bulk are two different things, unfortunately. I need probably 120 bulbs all together, but spread in 12 different kinds. They do not sell small packs. Will check John Scheeper now, thanks

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I like John Scheeper for quality and varieties. You may want to check Walmart or Costco as their “bulk’” is probably our “bulk”.

Costco always sells things cheaper (sometimes a lot cheaper) than retail stores. We are a big fan of Costco.


I second that, a reliable company with product true to name. Not that common these days.

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