Twin Mango

Really cool surprise this morning


I believe this means you have polyembryonic mangos! This is excellent because it means these usually bear “true to type” so more than likely to have attributes like or possibly better than its parents and also means it is a very viable way for you to start a mango grove.


I was reading up on mangoes the other day, turned out this was mentioned and instantly when I saw it, remembered the article so you can imagine my excitement. If felt like I had cured world hunger.

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With some new varieties you could be! and its excellent the mangos in your area will grow true to type this means you can collect the best tasting yielding and disease resistant mangos to form your grove!

Have you checked out @applenut . He is pioneering a bunch of apples being grown in the congo and has this excellent thread Congo Apple Orchard. I realize you guys have a different climate but he may have other growing ideas on how to protect plants like his bamboo fences and other tricks you could use.