Two apples, hard to describe


This week, after filling almost all our available space with a few Yellow Delicious and lots of Liberties, I picked half a dozen Jonagolds and maybe 15-20 pounds of Karmijn de Sonnaville.

All my apples have been good this year (and plentiful) but those last two really just knocked our socks off. I’ve eaten Jg’s for years but but I’ve never had one this good before. Wouldn’t have believed they could be this good, and I already loved them.

And the Karmijn de Sonnaville is amazing. I think last year was the first time I’d had one, but this year’s crop is better than I remember. Looks like a vintage year for my frankentree.

Don’t know what it was about the year. A cool wet spring, followed by a hot, dry (smoky) late summer, and now winding up with an early, wet and cool fall. Might be worth noting that both apples have Jonathon for a parent.

Our Jonagolds, by the way, are huge and the KdS on the small, and smaller, size. Some are quite small. I’m hoping they get bigger as the limb matures, but i’m not holding my breath.