Two factor?

Hi guys, I have not logged in for a while on the forum. When I tried to do so, it asks me for a two factor code from an app. I don’t know what app it wants the code from or how to set it up, and two factor seems a little much for a forum like this. But I don’t see any topics about it, so I assume no one else is having this issue?

My normal username is HollyGates. I created this other account to be able to send a message to the forum.

I’d rather stick to my old account for history, thread listing, etc. But right now I can’t log in to it. Thanks for any help.


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Thats odd! Somehow 2-factor was on for your account. I have disabled it so you should be able to log in now.


Thanks Scott, working fine now!


Not sure what happened there, maybe a random bit got flipped. I checked and only three people on the whole forum have it enabled.