Two more days for first pickles of the year



Looks tasty


What cukes do you grow there?

H-19(Little Leaf) and Diamant Hybrid - a new gem I discovered this year. Compact, early, productive, doesn’t need pollination and produces only female flowers, fruit firm and crispy with tender skin. We eat it for 2 weeks already, and LL just started to produce today.

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Started mine yesterday.

What method do you use to pickle?

Diamant has some nice disease resistance. Is it good for salads? I. Always looking for a new one against the cucumber Beatle.

Yes, very good for salads! It is crunchy, but tender, I didn’t see it yet overgrown, but at the size 1.5’’ in diameter and length about 5 ‘’ the seeds are are unnoticeable at all.

I use a salt brine. This is my first year pickling things so I don’t really know what I am doing. Did dill this time but will try bread and butter next. I want to try and make water kefir this year, but we will see how the pickles do first. I did pickle Stachys earlier this year and they were good.

I’ll try it next year

I do salt brine as well, natural fermenting, no vinegar. My spices are dill, black currant leaves, garlic, hot pepper(whole) and horse radish leaves. Usually I use roots too, but this time had no time to dig.

How long do you ferment?

Depends on the temperature and salt concentration. First batch I am always doing “light” - meaning less salt (30g per 1 litter of water +1/8 tsp of pickle powder to harden the water ) Less salt means shorter storage too, but we usually just eat pickles like fruit) So for “light” I would say it is 2-3 days on the counter and about a week after that can be stored in fridge. For winter I use more strong solution, 40 g per litter +1/8 tsp of pickle powder to harden the water, those can be ready in 4-5 days, but eatable after 3 days. It is all up to the taste.

For kefir, I only have culture for milk kefir, and always can share it - it is growing very fast.

Save me one! Beautiful!

You got it :slight_smile:

My mom does something like that, not sure what but it is a type of liquid yogurt. We pour it over a a bowl of mixed blueberries and blackberries.

I don’t have a scale and used 2.5 Tbsp salt per quart water.

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Perfect pickles Galinas, and they look exactly as mine. Same recipe, I alternate other tannic leaves such as grape and oak, but also use horseradish. Garlic and brine of course. They are addictive. This year I am going to make 400 to last the year. Too bad I ran out two months ago, and my cukes have vines shorter than 2 feet right now.

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We still have 5-7 quarter jars in refrigerator this year - I guess we are getting older :slight_smile:. I did use oak leaves an also sour cherry leaves, but never grape - have to try it!

I used grape leaves. How long do you leave them in? The whole time or just during the fermentation process? My last batch, also my first, turned very dark almost black after a period of time in the fridge. They were still good but were not appealing to look at. The leaves stayed in the entire time, should I have taken them out?