Two new apple trees, Big River and Joy's

Been wanting to add a couple of new apple trees to the 4 I have now, and after checking around on the Just Fruit and Exotics site, I settled on these two.

First is the Big River, evidently it’s a rot resistant variety from Louisiana that needs between 250 - 400 chill hrs and ripens in July. The second is the Joy’s it’s considered a “local heirloom”, well local to the Tallahassee area anyway, but should do fine here in NE FL, at least I hope. It’s self-fertile, ripens in July and needs about 500 chill hrs…

Kudos to Just Fruit and Exotics…they did an excellent job packing and the trees arrived in great shape…Was so excited when they showed up and anxious to get them planted, but was cursing the time change for not being able to get it done in the dark…will have to wait for the weekend.


Here are my two new trees planted. Hopefully they’ll do well.

Joy’s apple

Big River apple