Tyson limbertwig

Does anyone grow Tyson limbertwig? Saw it in Henry Morton’s catalog and it looked interesting.

If you can find it please let me know. It is presumed lost with the destruction of Rev. Morton’s orchard after his death. None of the best rare apple hunters have found Tyson or another two dozen of Henry’s missing LTs.

Bummer I would have assumed he had sold it to someone during that time that kept up with but I guess not.

I hate reading that part of your sentence “the destruction of Rev. Morton’s orchard after his death”. It happens way too often that someone somewhere has an incredible orchard and at their death the bulldozers come in. I have said to my wife repeatedly that if I drop dead to please please sell this place to someone who will appreciate all the years of labor that went into my now 1,200 varieties of apples and two hundred other varieties of fruit because I know she will be gone as soon as she can .

But last year a friend of mine sold his place to the county park agency where he lives and after he and his wife die or decide to leave their land becomes a county park. Now that is a good way to preserver your land .