U.S.A winter 2016-2017 weather forecast


I have found some videos about 2016-2017 weather forecast. Summer is june, july and august if each season is 3 months long, winter would be december, january, february. Those are for northern hemishphere, southern hemishphere would be opposite of those. I put 1 in those links, as this forum try to load those if there is right internet address so if you want to see it replace y for 1 so it start with youtube. It is my principle not to load other people images, as i don’t own them. I take forecast which has been made october and november as we are close to winter, also more recent forecast may be better as they might have more recent information taken in forecast. I write something general from those videos, if you don’t have time to look them.

This is winter forecast is briefly from those videos below, just notice i write this after those below and don’t have time now to go through them again so it is little rough and might have some generalization erros in them. We might have weak la nina or neutral ENSO winter (ENSO= el nino southern oscillation). California is warm and dry, southwest warm Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada. Great Lakes region is cold and snowy Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, parts of Pennsylvania, lake snow effect possible there. It is cold in northeast New York, New Jersey. Normal in Nebraska, Kentucky have normal or little bit colder than normal weather but it is little bit more snowier. It seems december begins warmer but later part of may be colder in great lakes region it seems. Tennessee forecast said winter of similar of 2013-2014 maybe 2014-2015, i don’t know if that apply only that area or is applicable all U.S.A. Those seems little cold winters as i quickly looked in great lakes region. Florida seems to be warmer. Some those videos might have said something like el nino warm in north cold in south, la nina opposite cold in north warm in south. It seems those cold areas in great lakes area get more snow. One of those put Florida cold, while others put it warm/average also some put cold more eastern than others. There seems to be difference how cold Michigan is going to be, some those might be exaggerated, so some caution could be good, forecast are not always correct. One of those forecast says after december jet stream moves north in pacific ocean, that allows colder air coming in central and eastern U.S.A. Looks like if you want it to say it is shortly temperature wise, coldest in great lakes region which gets warmer more you move away from those areas, California being warm compared to normal.

This video has temperature departure from normal, precipitation from normal, overview of winter, chance of white christmas, seasonal snowfall totals. It shows southern California is forecasted to be 6-9 fahrenheit warmer than normal, warm in west states California, Arizona. I think those are in fahrenheit altough it didn’t say that, but U.S.A. usually use fahrenheit degrees. Normal in central U.S.A state Nebraska, cold in great lakes region states Michigan, Ohio 6-9 fahrenheit colder than normal. Florida is normal or 1-3 fahrenheit warmer. California is forecast to be dried than normal, Ohio, Michigan more prepication than normal and Florida dried than normal. Overall southwest is warm and dry, middle part is average winter, great lakes region is cold with lake effect snow, southeast milder than normal and dried than normal. Snowfall forecast is for Atlanta 2,2" Charlotte 4,3", Detroit 61,9", Cincinnati 16,9", Baltimore 25,3", Philadelphia, 28,0", New York 31,4", Miami 0,0", St Louis 21,2". San Diego 0.0", Here is the link :


Next video has temperature and precipitation departure from normal, snowfall forecast and winter overview. December warm southwest and southeast, cold great lakes area, dry in southwest and southeast. January warm in southwest and Florida, cold in great lakes region and northeast, dry in southwest and Florida, normal in central part of country. February warm in southwest and southeast states Alabama, Georgia, cold from Michigan to Montana, dry in southwest and southeast, above normal Missouri. Snowfall for winter below normal in southwest and southeast state like Alabama, Lousiana, Georgia, above normal great lakes region, above normal for Pennsylvania and Ohio. Winter overall cold in great lakes area, lake effect snow might be there, temperature may go up and down in Kentycky area and stormy, Northeast is cold, southwest warm and dry, southeast mild and dry. Here is the link :


Next video is for Pennsylvania, but it has temperature map for U.S.A. It shows colder than normal eastern U.S.A, and warmer than normal western U.S.A. Here is the link :


Next video is from Tennessee. It shows weather for that area, but it says similar year 2013-2014 maybe 2014-2015, it seems that might mean for that area, i don’t know if that apply all U.S.A. areas. Here is the link :


Next video is from Kentucky. It shows temperature forecast for that area. Here is the link:


Next video is from Kentucky. It shows things that affect winter forecast and that area temperature departure from normal. Here is the link :


It’s been that way for a decade now.

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For my fruit trees, I’m hoping for steady moderate cold with good snow cover. Extreme cold events and up and down cycles are worse. For me personally, I dislike cold rain more than anything. I’ll take upper 20’s with snow over mid 30’s with rain anyday.

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