Ubileen Pear

Have several small ubileen pears. My largest one is 3 feet after several years in very poor soil. It was a mistake putting these on ohxf333. Anyone else growing this variety?

I just grafted it over this year, but I still have a couple branches of it. The few people growing it were having problems ripening it.


That’s strange- it is a very vigourous variety for me. I’ve got one on quince (with a different variety as interstem) and another on OHxF87 and both shot up quickly.

On the negative, I’m one of the people who has trouble figuring out when they are ripe. They are very early, but either under ripe (and not enough brix) or rotten.

It’s good that you reminded me about it- I pruned out a lot of it (but not all) on the quince, but I’ve been meaning to do the same on the other tree. But I need to consult my records first, as there are about 10 varieties on there and I need to make sure I know what is what.

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I will try to get some photos.

@clarkinks @BobVance Any problems with FB with Ubileen? Maple Valley Orchards describes them as “very disease resistant” but data online varies (imagine that).

Are they worth growing? My impression was Ubileen is for northern growers who have very few choices for cold hardy pears. Edit: I guess I had my pears mixed up. Not sure which pear I was thinking of. Looks like the knock on Ubileen is an extremely short harvest window and early so rot can be an issue. This article seems to recommend Parker (which would be Flemish Beauty) over Ubileen for commercial growers.

Ubileen is a weird one. It’s a triploid, which is pretty rare for European dessert pears. Also, my tree is by far the least precocious variety out of the 40 (?) or so varieties I grow: 15 years in the ground without a flower, despite being vigorous from the beginning. I think it’s on OHXF 333.

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No problem with fireblight.

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No, but I don’t think I’ve had any fireblight on any of my pears. That might sound like a great thing (and it isn’t bad), but if I could trade getting it for not getting black knot on plums I would. I get horrible black knot and rot, just not FB.

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