UFO Peach Double Cordon

Has anyone here grown peach trees pruned to the double cordon UFO? Most of what I have found references single cordon except a presentation by Dr. Greg Lang which piqued my interest.


I am looking for same info. I found this article that may help you as well
[UFO peach system finds favor at Windy Ridge - Fruit Growers News]

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Thank you for posting the link. Reading the article, the system has a few issues that are not fully discussed. I have seen positive fruit color comments mentioned in relation to UFO cordon pruning but I do not recall any comments on fruit taste. In a presentation on YouTube, Dr. Lang mentioned that cherry taste was a challenge when the new pruning techniques were introduced. Eventually, it was discovered that the number of leaves or leaf area per fruit is an important factor. Considering the limited information currently available, UFO double cordon peach pruning I am shelving that topic for now.

During March and April, I planted 680 trees at 12x20 spacing. Simplified pruning and height are the primary factors for selecting a training technique. Currently, I am leaning towards hex-V pruning, 3 scaffolds per side. Based on comments made in presentations, it seems tree vigor is spread among the scaffold limbs. Before making any assumptions or a final decision, I am going to look for research that explores V-pruning with 4 scaffolds per side.

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I’ve been looking at the upright fruiting offshoot system as it basically is an espalier form that was developed for cherry trees.

Since cherries fruit on upright branches this makes sense, but it did get me thinking about what other fruit types might lend themselves to UFO.

Traditionally espalier is best suited for spur bearing varieties of fruit.

Peach and nectarine are the only ones that came to mind that might do well using UFO. I am curious as to how many have tried his method with them. I’ll go read the linked article above.

I found this probably on this forum or could be on the web. Not necessarily an UFO system but interesting way to train peach tree.


That’s a nice conservatory. Those are much more common in western Europe than the US, and I enjoyed visiting some like that and much larger while in the UK.

Your photo also reminded me of Earthship, New Mexico. There are probably a few here who have toured some of the homes.

Neat stuff.