Ugni Molinae/myricoides (Chilean Guavas) Propogation?

I have two questions,

Has anyone successfully propagated them via Hardwood or Softwood cuttings?
If so how did you do it?

I tried to root some hardwood cuttings last year with no success.

Has anyone grown them from seed?

Again I tried this year and none germinated for me. I’m not sure if they need to be stratified.



I have some softwood cuttings that appear to have started growing after about a month in coco coir (Clonex dip first) under a humidity dome and now a week without the dome:

Haven’t checked for roots, figure I’ll wait until they poke out the bottom to transplant.

I believe @Bradybb rooted some in a misting chamber, not sure whether he tried hardwood or just softwood.


I’ve successfully rooted every cutting I’ve tried. I cut hardwood 2 inches below the green/brown interface, scraped off all the branches in the bottom 2 inches of the cutting covered in powdered rooting hormone, then stuck in soil.

Also worked in perlite/peat.

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Was that indoors or outdoors?
Is it warm where you live?

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Mine were rooted indoors under lights. Mother plant is outside (8b Seattle).

Thanks, I’m going to give softwood cuttings a go this year

The plant was outdoors, the cuttings were all rooted outdoors. I also made a cutting (the perlite/peat one) and brought it inside for winter incase of freeze damage. 7b north AL. It took the summer heat quite well.

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With Chilean Guava,mine are usually taken when new growth has hardened just a bit,in late Spring/early Summer.One of the more unchallenging plants,that I’ve tried to root.


I’ve tried and failed to root any Ugni molinae cuttings a couple of times. This thread is inspiring me to try again. My variegated clone has been doing pretty well and seems hardier than the green ones I’ve tried so I’d really like to start propagating it.

ok, I decided this summer to try and propagate Chilean guava.

I took 12 cuttings approximately 3-4 inches tall each. with 6 of them I used Dip and Grow, a liquid rooting hormone. With the other 6 I used Roottone, a powdered rooting hormone.

After 3 weeks the results are that 5 of the 6 dipped in the Roottone powder have roots, with two of these having significant root growth. None of the Dip and Grow (liquid) cuttings have any root development at all. (1 of the D&G cuttings died).

The Roottone I have is old, as in at least a decade. It has always been kept cool, dark and dry. The D & G liquid must be mixed first and the container I have is only 3 years old.

I’ve gone back, dipped the non-rooting cuttings in the Roottone powder and hope that I can see some growth before autumn’s chill starts nipping.

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some of the successes are encouraging to read. I tried cuttings and layering. Both failed. And my Ugni died. Id like to try it again. Man are they tasty!