Ukraine' Apples at USDA

I pull up the available accessions of apples collected from Ukraine. There only 10 currently. I requested Mleevskaya Crasvista some years ago from USDA but it will still be some time before it matures.

PI 589544 Salute Comments: Tree: Relatively vigorous, yield capacity high; medium size fruit; late harvest (winter), medium resistance to frost; relatively tolerant to fungus diseases.
PI 589548 Mleevskaya Crasavitsa
PI 589549 Eurika
PI 589550 Slava Pobeditelyam Comments: Tree: vigorous with high yield capacity. Fruit: above medium/medium size; early harvest (summer or autumn); high resistance to frost. [Another source: L.P. Simirenko Exp. Stal of Hort.
PI 589551 Tawria Comments: Tree: medium size with high yield capacity Fruit: medium/above medium; late harvest (winter); relatively frost resistant; relatively tolerant to diseases.
PI 589554 Obilnoye Comments: Other possible source: S.F. Chernenko, Developer, The Order of the Red Flag of Labor, I.V. Michurin Central Genetics Laboratory.
PI 589556 Souvenir Comments: Early harvest (autumn)
PI 589559 Crymus Comments: Referenced by letter from Leonid A. Burmistrov, curator of Fruit and Small Fruit Crops, Germplasm Plant Introduction, Dept. N. 1. Vavilon All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Plant Industry, 44 Herzen Str, Leningrad 19000, USSR
PI 589560 Livadiyskoye
PI 613948 ‘Kandil Sinap’ Size large (64:89mm.); shape tall, truncate-conic, concave, ribbed at eye; skin pale yellow almost entirely flushed and striped red; flesh tender, crisp, snow-white; flavor sweet, slightly vinous, perfumed; season mid to very late. Tree grows in a pronounced narrow, pyramidal dwarfish-form. Keeps until February. It has been noted that origin may be Turkey.


Reinette Simirenko (PI 483257) was originally selected in Ukraine by the famous pomologist Левко Платонович Симиренко. It was a very popular late fall apple in former USSR. Some sources believe it’s identical to Wood’s Greening.