Un-Reliable Reliance

Am I the only one to have such poor yields from Reliance grapes? There literally has nearly nothing since 7 years ago.
They almost never ripen, and are a wasp and black rot magnet. They are protected with bird netting and other fencing.
Ripening is the big problem. Apparently, they require huge amounts of sun.
My Jupiters, on the other hand, do beautifully and ripen right on time, which is starting now.
Seems a shame because those grapes are extremely good eating.
See what happens this year, which has been very sunny for recent years.


Mine don’t get much care, but I’ve never seen grapes on them, either.

Actually, plenty of grapes each year.

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Wait do you treat the grapes with something for black rot?

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Kocide 3000 late dormant, and several Captan sprays later. Should start earlier with Captan and possibly Dithane or Immunox.
But, not necessarily a big problem.


Indeed, thank you.

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Regarding the blackrot disease remove all vines with canker on them this winter so that likely means remove everything back to the main trunk before winter is over. Burn the branches or bury them elsewhere very deep. I dug a deep pit and threw all branches in there. Spray once every 7-14 days with a fungicide all next year and never miss a spray. Use the directions on the spray your using to determine days. If you see signs of the disease its to late start over. Immunox and captan will work in combination but each has a max amount of sprays per year. If you do that the following year you will get lots of grapes and the black rot should be gone. Captan washes off but immunox doesn’t. Immunox is the key thing your missing.

Regarding immunox

Grapes (Anthracnose, Black rot and Powdery mildew control): Mix 1¼ fl oz of this product with 1 gal of water and uniformly apply to all parts of the plant to point of runoff. Do not apply within 14 days of harvest. Do not apply more than five times per season. For Anthracnose and Black rot, apply when new shoots are 1 to 3 inches in length. Reapply every 14 days so long as disease symptoms persist. For Powdery mildew, apply this product when shoots are 12 to 18 inches in length (before bloom). Reapply every 21 days so long as disease symptoms persist."

Be very careful with captan

Captan works well when applied correctly but its your worst enemy when applied wrong. Grape Injury from Captan Mixed with Oil-containing Products — Plant & Pest Advisory.

Avoid getting captan or immunox on you. Dont let them overspray you. Use safety mask and proper equipment or respitory mask. Do not get any of it in your eyes or on your skin.

Grapes need to be very open with no shade to ripen properly. Trim off leaves if necessary to expose the clusters of grapes


Ok. Regarding ripening, I have assumed that the big factor is photosynthesis by the leaves. How much of it is determined by direct sun exposure to the the fruit is not so clear. Certainly, such exposure will retard most fungus.
Will be interesting to see whether this year’s dry sunny weather will finally help the ripening/coloring situation on Reliance grapes.

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