Unable to Post Pictures Now


As of today, it seems I can no longer upload photos to this website from my iPhone. Not sure if the problem is on my end or yours.

Just FYI. I wonder if anyone else is having trouble with this.

Maybe someone with an iPhone can comment. The picture upload is working for me.

I couldn’t upload the Pic of my lawnmower earlier either. It was right at 4.9mb . I downloaded it to my PC and still could not upload it. I resized it with paint and made it small and then it worked. Still cannot upload from my Iphone.

iPhone was a no go!

I had to shrink my Android photos to 640 x 480.

I get the same error message.

No go from my iPhone. Haven’t tried the mac. Doesn’t say the file is too big. Just that an error occurred

Hopefully this is fixed now. I think the problem is some data had gotten corrupted - we had been running non-stop for quite a few months. But I also did a couple things to improve long-term reliability and to deal with larger uploads while I was at it.


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