This category seems to be set up to post in but directs the poster to choose another category. This might be a good place to “talk” about garden fruit, recipes, or other related interests to the members. It would be nice to have a bunch of related more specific topics. The “uncategorized” category might be a good place to keep more off topic talk out of the main categories. What say you Scott?

bberry, I agree we need some more categories. They are easy to make so its just a matter of figuring out which ones. I would rather not used Uncategorized since some category could be made for it; that category is only there because its what the software comes with and I can’t remove it.

For starters how about we add a new category for using fruit: recipes, cooking, drying, cider, pickling, etc?


Please don’t be in a hurry to change things. This is already turning into a great forum. The idea of a related category like using fruit is a very good idea. Maybe just a category labeled “Other Growing Interests” might be nice. I would not think that kind of category would detract from the main mission of the forum. I used to easily toggle over to many of the other topics(forums) when on the GW. I also used to like the Far North Fruit Growing. I can tell this is going to be a very busy place so seems many more categories will get readers to places of their interest and also keep them on here. Thanks a bunch for what you are doing.