Uncultivated - Wild Apples, Real Cider and The Complicated Art of Making A Living

This book by Andy Brannan is a wonderful read and is so helpful in understanding the nature and production of cider. It gets at what “real cider” is all about. Andy tells of his journey is such a familiar and engaging manner. Waite Maclin, Pastor Chuck Orchards.


i like this title. been thinking about this for years. we have thousands of wild apples growing on old farmland up here. the fruit is usually not good enough for fresh eating but what if i got a press and collected the apples for cider? these apples are just left to rot. why not use them? if you mix a whole bunch of different ones together it should balance the cider out. i definitely need to buy this book.


I agree, I really enjoyed it. I forage neglected apples from my area for cider. The cider is pretty special… I can’t take credit for anything it has going on, because I can’t control much. The book resonated with me so much.


We like to collect the wild apples still left in the trees after freezing temperatures set in as they are slightly fermented and frozen to preserve them. We collect them all winter long and even the kids like them fermented. Less work and more fiber than making cider :wink:


Andy makes really exceptional cider as well. He’s got a gift.

I haven’t yet read the book but will now after reading this thread.

mellis, them’s the kind of apples the birds eat…and then wobble around and fly sort of funny!

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Got it for Christmas and skimmed through it. Haven’t yet really read it. It’s getting closer to the top of my list. Maybe I should skip it up a few notches. Did recently finish Epitaph for a Peach — only 11 years late.

That is what Andy’s book all about. He only uses wild apple for his cider. Do check out his book. Waite

Thanks, for this. and I do want to check out “Epitaph for a Peach”. Reading and working our trees is one way we can keep our sanity through the the Covid-19 disaster. Best, Waite

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