Unusual pink and white peach/nectarine. Not grafted


All pink, all white and combination of both on a peach/nectarine tree ?! I was wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before. Fruit are like a large nectarine, but furry like a peach, and delicious. I have grown 2 others from seed from the parent, one exhibiting same traits, other all pink flowers. Hopefully someone can shed some light on what it is. Jules


I am not clear. Have you grown this tree from seed? If so, was the seed from a peach or a nectarine,


That is interesting. There are white flowered ornamental peaches so it looks like one of them crossed with a normal pink peach.

Nectarines and peaches are the same species, prunus persica, the skin is just a variation like white blooms.


No- I got the tree about 7 years ago from a friend, it was growing in her veggie plot at a local community garden, and she didn’t want it- so I’m unsure as to the original trees origin. There was a large nectarine tree growing close by( about 5m). My friend thought it was a sucker from it, but it was a stand alone tree. The parent, and both I have grown from its seed all appear to be a dwarf variant. I have other pictures, showing different colour flowers on small branches, so these clearly haven’t been grafted. I have never seen anything like it, especially the mixed colour flowers. Cheers, Jules


Looks cool. If it were mine, I would try grafting it. If it has good compatibility with common rootstocks, you may find people interested in growing it.


This is very interesting. Would love to see a picture of the fruit.


You read my mind- have had a play with apple’s previously and got 7 varieties on my best tree.
Whatever it is itLooks spectacular in full flower, the plentiful and delicious fruit is a bonus. I have recently planted bare root peach and plum trees in the garden after a recent move of home and waiting for them to settle in before I try to graft them. Certainly worth a try. :crossed_fingers:


The fruit is shaped like a nectarine- large size, but slightly furry like a peach. Flesh light in colour, not a clingstone.