Unwrapping Winterized Trees & Shrubs

Post your results.

I used bubble wrap followed over it with reflective insulation and piled mulch high. 1st a Marseilles Black VS Fig at my Mom’s then a Jujube ‘Honey Jar’ at my place.

This fig of hers had mold all over it. I told her to get some bleach and water and scrub it really well. The sun will do the rest. There was none dieback.

No dieback on my jujube.

For anyone not familiar with what’s going on with protecting woody plants that will hopefully stay woody in the landscape after several many (up to 5-years) of protection… we’re getting the bark thickened up literally so it has natural resilience to the cold.

Figs in colder climates what we’re trying to accomplish are plants that are root hardy. Sure enough you could continue to protect them above ground like I did, but ultimately 5-years down the road I’m wanting roots that will push up new growth every year where the crops will be borne. There are many methods to dealing with figs: container culture or in-ground. As the figs become large it’s very common step on them and smash them to the ground and hold them flat thru winter with organic debris mounded over them and over that reflective unsulation/tarps/boards or any material you see fit to provide insulation. Toss 1$ bags of potting media/compost over the insulation choice of yours to hold it down all winter.

I’m in zone 5b and it’s time for wrapped plants to get into the rhythms of weather. Bulbs are now up and that’s a pretty good indicator to unwrap your protected woody plants.



I can’t wait to unwrap my 2 1st yr in ground figs. Hope all goes well. I will unwrap when @Drew51 unwraps his. So nice to have someone with his expertise living so close.

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This year I decided to try different cultivars as i was not happy with the ones i had in ground. So I removed two, one worked well though. It was a brown Turkey like fig, an unknown, but it was not that good, so I pulled it. Hard to do! I hate killing plants. A part of me will always regret it, yeah I know little wierd, just so against my nature.
Anyway I put in a Florea stump, and I left it exposed. So I have nothing to unwrap. At this time I don’t think I’m going to replace the 2nd tree. I want to put a golden currant there now. But i will give you an estimate, not yet, maybe a few more weeks. I will chime in when I think it’s time. I will wrap the Florea next year.


I planted some citurs in the ground and overwintered them with frost cloths and Christmas lights. Worked out pretty good