Up-date on Early Crawford and Italian plums

The Early Crawford’s are finally sizing up!

And the Italian Prune Plums crop is huge (for me) and will be ready in a week!


Those look very good Mrs G. I had one Italian Prune this year,ha,but was delicious. Brady

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Mrs G
Wow, those look very good euro Plums ! Congrat’s

My tree started the same way. I was encouraged by many in this forum to be patient. ‘It will happen’. It did and daily I walk past the netted tree in awe of nature. Its exciting.

What is amazing is the entire tree looks like that. I’m knee deep in plums! Pretty aren’t they? thanks!

Looking good!!

The picture of your Early Crawford is making me think I need to thin mine even more - I had about four times as many fruits on my tree. A few at the tops where there were lots of leaves and not many fruits were bigger.

This is the first year it has had fruit stay on the tree. The tree is only four years old. I did thin as the branches had many flowers. I am surprised in that from just last week they are getting larger and larger. Still a medium sized peach, not ‘small’. My Elbertas are ‘giganto’ this year!

They are beautiful and plentiful. Thanks for sharing, Mrs.G.

Your work’s cut out for you now!

Good work, Mrs. G.