Update complete plus an oops


My automated script to update discourse at 4AM this morning seems to have failed :frowning: Apologies for the downtime this morning.

But, we are back up and fully updated now :smile:


It diidn't go tumbling down until around 4:30 EDT. I won't even tell you what worries started going through my head after a few hours. Those who have had teens who 'forget' to contact home know the drill.

I'm relieved to see all is well, and that the frowny face about updates has changed to smile.

Plus, a bunch of us have a stack of brand new badges. :smile: I'm glad the update was eventually successful.

A little advance warning if it's possible next time would be appreciated by at least one worrywort here. :blush:


I could not get in until after 9 am.

Also, I access this forum mostly via iPad. Whenever I access it, I have to log in. Today, a few times it did not even allow me to log in. It kept kicking me out.

Hope it is not intentional :wink:


I access it from an iPad as well but I just have it save the password. I noticed it was down this morning too but no big deal. I had other things to do.


Scott, appreciate the great job you did for us


Great job Scott!!!


Well...? I did not miss a beat. In fact, I have no clue that the storm came and went! :sweat_smile: