"UpDated" 2018-19 Figs Cuttings Rooting Propagating Experiment in Coco Coir Vs Perlite Vs Sphagnum moss Vs Pro mix HP Vs 3-1-1 Mix


Another update after 21 days 06/22/2019. Cuttings are doing great and putting some growth.
Last year cuttings are loaded with figs and I am expecting lot of figs.
You can show your figs too and lets see which kind of growth and what stage your figs are.


What’s the secret of getting your young fig trees to produce? Mine don’t seem to want to produce :tired_face:


Slow down the growth by letting them get a bit rootbound. Here are some in one gallon fabric bags.

And some in ground and in 20 gal bags.


First plant shown with figs are not from this year cuttings are from last year plants.
There is no secret this is what I have noted (1) Very well draining soil (2) good fertilize (3) head start ( my figs came out from storage three weeks earlier this year March 23rd exactly) (4) Proper size pot bigger size pot will grow too much growth (5) 10 plus hours of Sunlight and following @ fruitnut .


No wonder they produced well last year. I thought the poor things were so root bound so I root pruned them this spring. Ouch!!!

How many years you kept them rootbound?

@Naeem, osmacote plus, full sun, got out a couple weeks earlier this year
. The only thing different is root pruning!!!

Thank you, Fruitnut and Naeem.


I have most plants in 5 gallons and will keep for first two years. Third year root prune and put them in 7 or 10 gallons for next three to four years before next root prune.


Today 07-03-2019 I had first two figs of the season Faliciano* and Troiano Calabrese. These both are breba crop not main. Both were very sweet and good.


Faliciano picked at right time today. It was the best of few I had this year.


Ripe figs are popping everywhere.


Main crop or Breba? My main crop figs are no where near ripe. Which varieties?


I decided to direct planting of fig cuttings this year with parafilm wrapped cuttings and scrapped both sides of the bottom end and dipped in powder rooting hormones and the results were excellent. Less work to up pot them.


I also started to root some green cuttings planted in Miracle Gro moisture control potting mix with powder rooting hormones last week.


Ripe ones are Breba. These are Malta Black, Red Labanese,U Spadafora Dark while main crops are
Bass Favorite, Bordissot Blanca Rimada. These are good month and half or even more away from ripening. My figs are earlier due to the head start I put these outside on March 22nd this year. Which is three weeks earlier this year.


Great Tony! Love the result. Figs are easy to root once you know them.
My purpose for starting earlier inside is getting the fruit on the same year not wait for the next year to produce.


This is only my third year growing figs but this year is different from last two years. Figs are loaded and early. All these pictures were take today.
Did any body note any difference this year about figs setting?


Yes. The hot and humid weather here this year really got them going on the productive mode.


You are spot on. We had so many very hot and humid days earlier this year. Last 30 days were great for figs.


Its been a while I have not updated this post because I was posting all the updates in other post, here is the link if you want to take a look.

So for this year is the best fig year for me. Harvested so many figs. Here are some pictures


Amazing job Naeem! You probably can make good money (or let your kids make it :smile:) selling figs. In supermarkets/farm markets here, they sell for $6-8/pound, and the quality is probably much less than yours.


Thanks Ahmad! I thought about that but I have very limited free time next year will plan something seriously.


You will probably do best selling to restaurants, so you can sell them all the same day you pick. They will probably want them just tree ripe, which will be much better than the commercial ripe figs from California, but still firm enough that they can slice them without squishing and keep in the cooler for a week. Overripe is great for eating, but they are concerned with presentation and cooking.