"UpDated" 2018-19 Figs Cuttings Rooting Propagating Experiment in Coco Coir Vs Perlite Vs Sphagnum moss Vs Pro mix HP Vs 3-1-1 Mix


Just ate a Dominick fig from my cuttings. Yum.

Here are the first figs from my big tree that we cut back. They are very light colored…???



More growth means a dense canopy and less light on the fruit.



Do you grow any of those LSU varieties? I got the LSU gold and it is a large yellow sweet tasting fig.



I just have Improved Celeste and Mega Celeste/LSU Tiger/Easton Purple, had a few others but they didn’t pan out for me. Champagne too, expecting to be able to try the fruit this year. Tiger is worth growing for sure, Improved Celeste is not as productive as I would like though.



I read up on the LSU Tiger and it sounds real good. I got a small cutting that rooted this May. I am hitting it with the Urea Nitrogen 46-0-0 and it jump started with a foot of growth in this past 3 weeks.



Looking very delicious!


This LSU Gold ripened and fell off the tree. Real honey sweet tasting.



Looking very good mine is long way to go.


Looks like you are getting better figs off of your Dominick than we have gotten so far. Must be your climate. Yet each year the figs on our tree are getting better so far. Our fig trees are adapting to our wet cloudy or wet and somewhat cloudy summers and autumns. Actually the year we planted our Dominick was the best tasting fruit. That first year in ground was the best summer and Autumn the tree had seen, not as wet or cloudy. Enjoy. I hope you get some more this year.


Just picked these today. First two pictures are for Celeste and 3rd and 4th pictures are LSU Improved Celeste!



I have been eating Celeste from two different sources Celeste-Goss and Celeste-Holland, they both came from Strudeldog. A good work horse crops with a very nice sweet flavor. It is a keeper.



I agree with you. Celeste is a very under rated fig it is a very good quality large producer fig. It produce early and a lot.


At least one you sent is growing. I have a bunch of rooted figs right now, can’t remember if both made it? Have to check. Been so busy! i have Sweet Diana and it is a Celeste type fig, very good, ripens early too. Osborn Prolific is very similar but bigger. The first two years the figs were bland, but 3rd leaf they were fantastic.


I am picking figs everyday from first year and second year rooted cuttings. Despite all the rains we had I am still getting whole lot of good ripe figs :sunglasses:


Wonderful looking figs Naeem… Great job! All in containers? Which ones are the best tasting?


Thanks Ahmad! All these are in containers 5 gallons and some in 7 and 10 gallons.
So far winners are Improved Celeste, MBVS and Hardy Chicago. Will find out more about others in few weeks.


Here is another update on 10-05-2018. I am picking figs about everyday very good quality only problem is too much rain.


Since you’re very close to me, I am interested to know which are your best 5 varieties. You are welcome to comment on how they taste or perform :blush:


There is no clear answer to your question because some figs performed excellent last year and this year not so good due to all the rains. If you can control watering you can have excellent figs does not matter where do you live. My prized figs are not ripen yet like Preto , Black Manderia, Ischia Black etc

Here is my best performer this year
Hardy Chicago
Improved Celeste ( must have )
Adriatic JH

I am still evaluating these because I am growing figs only for about year and half.


Here we go again started these on December 12th exactly but only using method number (5)
(5) My Custom mix (3-1-1)Pine Bark-Perlite-Orgnic Potting mix with para film applied on cuttings