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Do any of you know whether Dominick would survive in ground here in zone 8a? Our winter last year was cold with a low of 9 F one night but in low teens several nights. We rarely see low teens but do get into low twenties fairly often. A young Celeste died back to roots here last winter but it was in an unprotected zone.



I think a Hardy Chicago will be fine inground for you.



I have three Dominick’s. Was wondering if I could put it in ground or leave in pot. My brown turkey does okay. Last Theo years has had some winter damage but does not die back. I’ve got a violets de Bordeaux in a pot that I guess will stay in a pot but wondered about being able to put the Dominick in the ground.



Dominick’s is a Hardy Chicago type, should be very reliable for you even when if it freezes to the ground or you prune it hard.


Okay. I get it now…thanks!



Dominick has survived 3 degrees Fahrenheit here and is said to handle colder.


It can survive zone 6 without protection. It can survive zone 5 with protection.

I’d plant is soon though to make sure it has good roots by the time of frost.


Here is another update on 07-22-2018, my figs are loaded and some of the pictures are just rooted cutting started this year and now producing.




Looking good!!



Thanks Katy. Yours should be decent size too by now.


Very productive Naeem. Good work!! BTW, did you tips pinch your figs?



I’ve got several figs on each of my Dominick figs. I have three rooted brown turkeys that have figs and I have a VdB with a couple of figs. My big tree that I cut back this spring is nearly as big as it was and is loaded with figs but I’m usually eating figs by now and looks like they have a long way to go. Long season here so they will ripen about a month late. Yours look fantastic!!



Thanks Tony. I did remove tip about 30 pots and they did ok. Since my plants are very young only second year and first year rooted cuttings my findings is out of 30 about 18 put figs before pinching (they already have tiny figs) and 12 did not just further branch out. I notice one thing if you limit plant branches like two to three per tree and let it root bound it will produce figs. I am still learning and will find out more in a year or two.


I would love to see picture of your big three if it is possible whenever.


I’ll get one tomorrow for you


About 16 years ago my husband and I drove by a stand on the highway where there was about a dozen fig trees in pots with a sign and a money box. We put our $10 in the box and picked out a fig. The next spring we moved and dug it up and brought it with us. The last couple of years it has gotten winter damage and this spring we cut it back to about 6 foot. I’m guessing it’s a brown turkey. The figs are really big, have an open eye, and will sour in a heartbeat if too ripe or any rain when ripening. I’ve rooted cuttings from it for friends and given away pounds and pounds of fruit…



Beautiful tree and love the little story how cool was that to put $10.00 in the box and picked up your tree. With your weather you will have tons of figs.


Is that the tree you wanted to prune? If so what did you end up doing and how did it go for you, sorry if I missed it.


Yes, never did prune it last year but the winter here was cold and it got even more damage. Here it is in March after a hair cut.



Love the hair cut :sunglasses:


Here is first fig of the season 07-28-2018 , it was not that great due to all rain we had for last 8 days.