"UpDated" 2018-19 Figs Cuttings Rooting Propagating Experiment in Coco Coir Vs Perlite Vs Sphagnum moss Vs Pro mix HP Vs 3-1-1 Mix



Do you mean early because they fruited in early June? Or because the tree looks pretty small?


Wow Naeem! I didn’t realize you had so many fig trees… Are these for your house hold consumption? Or do you plan on selling figs/fig trees?

In any case, they look awesome!


Wow Naeem, those look awesome! I’m still having a problem getting cuttings that have roots and have leafed out to really take off. They seem stuck…Going to have to try some light fertilizer and see if that helps.


Early because the growths they are on only have a few leaves, figs don’t usually begin setting until a growth has at least 5-6 leaves. Those figs formed the same time as the leaf they are next to.



Its Florea it fruited very early last year too. I do not think its mutation because I pruned my figs very low so that is why its happening.


Thanks Ahmad. I have a big family and relatives and we will all enjoy. I have spent lot of time / money and may sell some cuttings.


I believe the fig in the link above is Michuriska 10 (which is Florea), and today when checking my trees I found this on one of my Floreas that has some cold damage and started growing a little late. This fruit is further developed than any other main crop fruit on any of my other trees, including several other Floreas.

p.s. I saw it before on Black Greek.


Thanks just go easy on watering because this is the number one reason for cuttings death. I would only use very light like 1/4 strength fertilizer.


Thanks for pointing this out. I will check again my plants tomorrow. Is that a bad thing, I believe my Florea is growing good leaves are fine too. May be a leaf or two deformed but that is common a deformed leaf popped out here and there.


The growth just went back to normal on Black Greek… We will have to compare notes later on.


Thanks sure I will keep an eye on these and will compare notes.


Here is another update on 6-22-2018. Figs are loaded with figs and this happen in last two weeks or so.


Figs fest in October !


Yes Can not wait to have some ripe figs.


I posted this as its own topic but since I started the figs while reading this thread I thought I would come back here and link to it. These (NoID) starts are from local trees that fruit well, though are in a slightly warmer biome in town. My own ‘established’ in-ground fig trees are a tiny Hardy Chicago, a Negronne that is doing OK, and an Atreano that is vigorous.
(Excellent collection, Naeem!)


I would just plant these now instead of more waiting. I planted four last year but covered with leaves and came out ok.


I hope to plant today. Thanks! Also, I had one each Desert King and Latarula sticks that I had planned to try to graft but instead just stuck in some mix. They rooted and look good. Bonus!


Good luck with these and I suggest to protect these at least for the first year.


Yah, these two recent ones are so new, so late in the year that I may just up-size the pots and then keep them in the garage this Winter. We normally have pretty mild weather but every few years we’ll get down into the teens…sometimes lower. My new (last year) very small, Hardy Chicago barely survived its first (fairly mild) Winter out. Thanks!