Upside Down Scion

I’ve done about 100 grafts and I finally grafted one upside down.

I like to graft 2 or 3 of the same scion fruit type on a tree in case some don’t take. I’ve noticed they typically leaf out at the same time if they ever leaf out. I noticed one scion was slower to leaf out than the other ones of that fruit type. This week, I come to find out it was upside down. I’m going to leave it be and see what happens with upside down scions.



I remember reading some older texts. (i will try and see if i can find them and post them here)

Where they grafted an “interstem of the same species upside down”. To dwarf the tree.

From what i remember reading, they said it workd. and signifiantly dwarfed the tree. They had some reservations about the practise though. They feared the new growth of the reversed part would slowly revert to the proper direction. And the dwarfing effect would be lost over time.

I could not find any follow up.


Did I succeed?
I am skeptical
but proof is in
doing it.