Urgent Shipping heavy Fruit cheapest way fastest

Hey Buying mamey sapote fruit here is expensive a 2 1/2 fruit (including the seed)
is like $30 (it taste like Pumpkin pie I like them over ripe way better, but buy for the seed)

Any ways I am going to Florida , and want to Ship fruit
Already have a Ticket to Miami

Last year I bought a smaller version called sapodilla (white sapote )
they can be bought hard, and ripen later
(I also wild picked some, but only ones that were going to rot on the ground since I didn’t ask permission )(trust me they where abandoned )

I do not know the best shipping rates

I saw about shipping pawpaws
I should ship Monday I heard, but not sure if I could that early

I could ship to members here maybe as well
it may be better to call me (flip phone) or I can use a motel computer
but do not like traveling with a computer (I like doing other stuff , and thieves )

I may bring a new PC I bought though have not decided
If I get interest I will

Oh could also ship slow if it makes since
Some fruit can be held for a few days (sapodilla or maybe a week )

I do not think sapodilla is as good as mamey but I can buy those cheap
not sure yet about mamey

Actually winging this trip (I booked for New Orleans, but had problems with booking agent.)

Check out pirateship.com. When you have a package together, you can put in the weight and dimensions and they’ll tell you the cheapest rate between USPS and UPS. It will probably be USPS cubic.

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Thanks I will try I guess

Oh I have a lot of talents , but shipping isn’t one of them
Guess I will have to learn eventually

I think I will ship a standard box
24 1/2 inch lenth
10 1/2 Height
19 width

Actually not certain I want to use USP if it is only a few extra bucks I will not
they screwed me a few times.

I am just wondering if there are any fast rules

I know smaller boxes they say you can ship heavy stuff like 100 pounds for cheap ?
Unfortunately these will be bigger

I may ship some heavy small boxes though
I do not like hauling crap I buy around.

What Worries Me is a bought a key board with folding stand in Florida before
shipping it FedEx Was like 80 to 100 bucks . (it took two boxes to make one b/c of length )

UPS couldn’t even ship it not very helpful & shady a worker tried asking me to buy it.

should I just take Luggage home would it be cheaper.

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Luggage might be cheaper. Size and be weight both increase cost. Very heavy or very large/long packages trigger oversize charges on top of what the going rate is.

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You’re going to encounter someone asking if there’s citrus in the box you’re shipping?
And if you say ‘yes’…they may refuse. Keep that in mind too. I ran into that about 15 years ago.

I 2nd the Pirateship suggestion. It’s a game changer.

I’m shipping a 15 lb box including a frying pan to my niece in college. UPS via Pirateship (granted only one state away) was about $15 instead of $30 retail.

6x10" padded envelopes with a few ounces of scions are about $4 USPS from WA to NY.


Where do I get the padded envelopes?

Save any you get from online orders and reuse. That’s what I do


A friend of mine who just moved from Seattle to California used this service to ship a lot of their boxes and the prices they quoted were a lot cheaper than additional airline baggage fees


When I went to window school at USPS my window school teacher said it best. He said everyone wants stuff cheap but they all want it fast. Those two things don’t go together. You either pay a higher cost for speed or go lowest price and get a slow service. Also expect expensive because big goes into oversized price.

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Add $0.50 for the envelope:

I only put a few scions in each, so I wrapped them in cereal box cardboard stapled together to make a protective pouch.

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I get mine at Dollar General…a couple bubble envelopes for a dollar.


Sometimes but not every time.

Took 7 days to receive a Priority Mail package from Virginia…cost $9.75 I think. My $4.65 first class package of scions to the same person is scheduled to take 4 days if the tracking proves to be correct.

If I was you, I would ship UPS and ship in a box about 12x12x18 if you can find one similar to that size and fill it up. I ship water samples for work in a box that size for about 25 bucks and that is one of the heavier things you could ship. If asked you could say you are shipping seeds, which is definitely not a lie. Alternatively you could just eat the fruit and then ship out the seeds which would be a lot cheaper via USPS in a bubble mailer.


Priority is supposed to be a 1-3 day expected service and it is able to go on all packages. First class is a 2-7 day expected service and and goes up to 12 oz. If it weighs more than 12 oz and is a prepaid label it is supposed to be postage due. If it is at the counter it will not be offered as a option on the computer. Keep in mind these dates are expected and not guaranteed hence why your priority package got there in 9 days. The only one USPS states will arrive on x date is priority express. Right now packages are taking a lot longer because of staffing shortages. I live and work in the 804 zip code area which is the mountain area of Colorado. Right now Evergreen has 8 routes down, Denver has over 100 routes down and my office has no substitute carriers so if 1 person calls out we are down a route. It does not seem like it will get any better in the near future either at least with USPS. The rural union is only giving a 1% raise two times a year and the APWU is thinking of a 1% raise for the non career employees and the APWU supports custodians, window clerks who sale you supplies, mail processing clerks which are the people who will process your mail at the plant etc. This means less employees will stay and less employees will join. This also means less people delivering your mail, less people selling you stuff at the counter contributing to longer wait times in line, less mail being thrown for the carriers to deliver as well as less people sorting your mail. Not only that the stress of less employees and all the complaints we are getting is making more people quit. Right now our lead sales clerk is thinking of quitting and getting a job outside of USPS, our full time regular is trying to transfer offices to a city office, we have a carrier quitting because he wants to keep working with the lead clerk as they are dating, another carrier is thinking of quitting because our Postmaster left and the line goes down. This means it will just be me as a clerk at the window, throwing parcels and delivering everything to the PO box section which will be almost impossible and we will be down half our routes meaning half our routes will just not get mail. Just mentioning all this because I would stress USPS delivery will get longer as time goes on since delivery is only expected for all services but 1.