Useful tool?


Ran across a reference to this tool in an article and thought I’d ask if anybody has any experience with it:

Here’s a link to the article:

Opinion | The Real Aliens in Our Backyard - The New York Times

(Not political- they’re talking about invasive plants.)


Looks great!


Looks like something you can build in your garage for 5 or 10$.

Appreciate it. :grin:



$10 + several hundred dollars worth of tools and equipment and many hours of experience using said tools. :wink: No really, I wish I could fabricate things like this but I wouldn’t even know where to start… I only recently got comfortable with using a circ saw. Props to you for having the skills to do it.


I see a completely different design using (1) 2 x 4 x 8 and drilling various size holes that I’ll insert a metal ring into that either has teeth or doesn’t have teeth.

I’d cut the hardwood off close to the ground and slip the correct hole over it and simply pull back on the entire solid-one piece-tool.

I won’t build it today but I may think about building one later this year if I deem I really need it.

I’m not very good at sketching but this is the basic idea.



It hit me you could put another 2 x 4 on the front and rock it back and forth. Having a hole without teeth would allow you to spin in any direction to rock back and forth, too.

Whatever bracing is necessary you build it strong.


I thought about getting a tool like that for all the privet I’ve been pulling but a heavy digging bar and something for leverage like a rock or piece of 6x6 get the job done on some thick caliper stuff


A good hi-lift bumper jack does a heck of a job too (wrap a length of chain around the bottom on the plant -fence post-whatever and loop the end of the chain over the jack.) Pulls fence posts right out, has to work on brush if you can get in there with it. Clumsy to tote, though.


I happen to like cascara Sagrada……….and the honey bees make from it is exquisite………why would anyone want to uproot this native plant??

Why not Japanese honeysuckle or something?