Using Blue X tubes on Grapes the 2nd year?

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I am new to grapevines as of 2019. In 2020 I planted a lot more in 2 tiny vineyards and put Blue X tubes around them, which really grew wood as advertised. Am I supposed to put them on again in season 2 or not?

Some of them were producing grapes inside the Blue X tubes and of course, we cut them all off so as not to ruin the vines. Any advice is much appreciated!!

Maureen it may be a good idea to leave the tubes on as a protection from deer and rabbits, etc. But you do have to remove all lower buds that would be hidden by the tubes. Assuming that the vines are now growing taller than the tubes.

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Yes, most are now taller, but not all. So what I would be doing is pruning the vines to protect the ‘trunks’ from deer and allowing the top portions to leaf out and produce fruit?

And, do you thin heavily the first year you allow them to fruit?
Thank you!

Dont let them fruit this year. depending on the trellis system you are using either leave one or two canes, prune the others off. This year grow your canes or cane on to your wires. Remove all leaves and buds in the tube (if the canes are taller than the tube). Leave the tubes for extra protection. This year you are growing roots and above ground plant. Roughly you have as much root structure as you do canes.

So you don’t let them fruit in year 2? This will be my 2 nd season with most of them, my third with a handful. I thought you could let them fruit in year 2? Like fruit trees? No?

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Year two is typically too early for fruiting. You want to wait for year three for a small crop, given that the vine has reached the top of the trellis. Year four is typically when you would see your first full crop.

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Thank you. I typically allow my fruit trees to fruit in their 2nd season with me if they want to. And they’re usually 3 year olds when i get them in.

But these are grapes so I realized they might be different. It’s that urge to taste the fruit that is so strong that you just want to let them do it - but folks ruin their trees and vines that way.

And I’m no spring chicken either so it is difficult for me to wait.


my marquette and king of the north grapes are in their 2nd year and im letting them fruit this year. i have 2 solid cordons off the main trunk on the top wire that are both 5ft on both vines. they tried to fruit about 10 bunches last spring but i pinched them off. i dont think you would set them back too bad by letting some fruit grow. just dont let them set a large crop.

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