Using coco liner as mulch to restrict rain intake of figs

I live in Panama City, Panama. Right now we are in the middle of the rainy season (it goes from may-november) and it rains about 12-15 days per month, with about 8 inches of rain each month. It seems to me that this is too much water for my figs and I am thinking this is going to at least make them bland in taste. That is why I was asking previously about varieties in another post.

Right now I am growing my figs in containers. I have “black mission” (which is fruiting right now), and “petite negri” which is still small.

I have read suggestions to put some type of plastic cover on the ground to restrict or limit the amount of rain the fig gets, but I was thinking that maybe a better alternative is to cover the ground with a mulch of coco liner. I am thinking that the coco liner is going to let “SOME” water pass through, but the excess is going to be discarded over the sides of the container.

I know that some of you are also on high rain and humidity areas, and I wanted to hear your opinions on this.